How, according to O’Brien, does the The Party as an oligarchy differ from Nazism or Russian Communism? How does he define the role of the martyr, both in terms of The Party and the other totalitarian systems?

The Party is different from Nazism and Russian Communism because they don’t allow there to be saints no one is safe. In the other two societies, when you killed someone that person was seen as a martyrs. But the party first turns everyone into criminals to love the party by threatening them stawith their greatest fears.  Basically, they can’t be killed as martyrs because they have switched sides, from fighting the Party to supporting it.  Nazism and Russian Communism would kill this people in front of others so that they would lose their dignity but the Party is destroying all evidence that may lead to what really was going on by controlling the media. O’Brien explain to us the success the party had in not being martyr and their people is 100% loyal to them but when their minds change they kill them.

-Roxana Lacayo

1984 is a presentation of Orwell’s definition of dystopia and was meant as a warning to those of the modern era. What specifically is Orwell warning us against, and how does he achieve this?

George Orwell is trying to warn us about how power and greed can turn off a persons’ humanity. For power, people are willing to do what is necessary to achieve it like trying to control other people thoughts and actions. He wants us to be aware of the totalitarian regimes so we could do something about it and fight for our freedom. Orwell wants us to think for ourselves and that we could grow as a person without letting people or a political regime intervene with our lives. We should be able to have a voice in society; he doesn’t want us to be a part of the oppression movements that still exist throughout the world. Thanks to 1984, Orwell is enriching our mentality with further knowledge. He deduced in other words that we belong to nobody and nobody belongs to us, and we shouldn’t let other people tell us what to do or not.  The book ended with Winston saying ‘’ I love big brother’’, because he was trying to make a point of how bad can something get if we let them control our mind.
– Maria Vasquez

“ If there is hope it lies in the proles”

All the hope was deposited in the proles, because only there in those
swarming disregarded masses, 85% of the population of oceania , could
generate to destroy the party. Winston sees the power in the proles
even though the party sees them as weak and incapable to revolt. He
thinks this because his perspective is that the proles are the ones
who have been dehumanized the least,all the maltreatment they have
received. The party found ways to distract and ensure that they were
unaware of the evils of INGSOC. Winston sees this because he observes
their individuality by signing and it can mean they can go further
with individuality. Although it appears that the proles seem less
human to the Party members, it is Winston’s perspective that they are
the ones who have been dehumanized the least. The party seems to have
total control over their lives, but in reality the proles are the
group that has maintained the most freedom because they have kept some
of their own thoughts and desires, and this is the reason why there is
still hope deposited in the proles to become something better and
actually do something for their own benefit and for others.

– Valeria Vallejo

What are your opinions of The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism

I find it a bit confusing that this book, which explains the most inner purposes of the Party, was written by no other than O´Brien. This book could be seen as the manual for the perfect totalitarian regime. This explanation of what the party is doing is enlightening as to their ulterior motives. It is obvious throughout the book that the social classes remain unaltered, there being a high class, the middle class and the low. But in this case the high class has complete control over the last two, including their thoughts. This secures that they will remain in this position forever, with no risk of revolution from the classes below. But their motive for this is not money, but power. They seek total power over everything they can control. But what I cannot seem to grasp is why they only want power if they do not seek to gain any material good from this. Why gain power just for the sake of it? We search power to gain position. This for me is the maximum exponent of selfishness and narcissism. And then wars are fought once again to seize power, not only from the enemies but also from the citizens. By being in constant war, there is a constant shortage of resources for the masses, leaving them always at the mercy of the party. This explains that the party enforces a totalitarian regime of terror to their citizens just for the sake of it. This is the maximum exponent of cruelty I have ever seen.

-Elizabeth Gauggel