“Within 200 yards of the apartment in which Orwell wrote 1984, there are now 32 security cameras.” In what ways has Orwell’s vision of a dystopian future come true? 

-Orwell’s vision of a dystopian has come true. The government spies on everyone, which at the end the famous phrase comes to be true: “… Freedom is slavery”
Till now in modern days we are still being spied on by the government. And because of the advance of technology it can help for good things or even for bad things. It can be like an advantage because we can communicate with people even if we are far away from them. We can share things with anyone that we want, and we can send whatever we want to. But it can also be a disadvantage for the population, because if the government has the power of watching and listening everything we do. We can now even be tracked with a GPS by our phones, and the advance of technology can really affect our lives even though we think it improves it or makes it better. So basically at the end we are still being slaves of our own nation, and we are blind to many facts that affect our freedom, which is the most important thing in our lives that needs to be respected.
-Anna Velasquez

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