Get in the mind-set of Winston Smith. Make a list of the strangest things you have seen since The Party came into power.

Things may have been normal for any person belonging to the party but
strange for me. The first thing I see at the beginning of the book is
that while doing my morning exercise I thinks of the relationship of
Oceania with Eurasia and Eastasia. I realize that the party History
tells that Oceania had been always enemies with Eurasia and in
alliance with Eastasia but that’s not true. Another strange thing i
thought since been in the party was the fact that Big Brother appear
in 1930 even though he was not ever heard since 1960. Also Winston
starts remembering the time were he caught the party lying in the
1960s. Some things might be strange and we don’t understand it but as
well as everyone said the book was a type of warning for us. A warning
to take action and to do something about it even though there are many
manipulations in the world that might damage us.

-Valeria Vallejo


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