During his final encounter with O’Brien, Winston argues that, if all else fails, the inherent nature of the individual, the “spirit of man”, is strong enough to undermine a society such as that created by The Party. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Is Winston’s belief applicable to the world we live in today? Can you cite examples in our own recent history that support or dismiss Winston’s belief in the resiliency and righteousness of the human spirit?

I most certainly agree with Winston. As long the human spirit is alive there is absolutely no regime that can stop us from being who we are. But the ultimate goal of the party is to eliminate this flame inside our souls. This is why they are successful in staying in power, because there are no martyrs to idolize. This belief is certainly applicable today. I think this principle is alive every single day when people around the world say no to abuses of all kinds. This belief is what has kept humanity in constant evolution. Without this spirit we would all be machine like bodies, as in 1984, that aim for nothing more than what they are supposed to be. This spirit is what makes us achieve greatness. Malala Yousafzai is the living example of this. Her beliefs alone have marked a complete generation. She stood up for her thoughts and defeated the bariors of oppression. So Winston is correct, no matter how harsh or extreme the regimes might be, as long as the human spirit remains intact, there is always a way to defeat them.

-Elizabeth Gauggel


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