What makes the proles human and the party members inhuman?

The proles in Orwell’s novel constitute the vast majority of the population and play a significant part of the past, present and the future. The word “proles” is a term derived from the word proletariat which is commonly used in Marxism. The party has little control of the poles seeing as they are free. If a rebellion were to happen, it would have to happen through the proles members because they have more freedom. An few examples would be the freedom to divorce and the freedom of religion. The proles have more freedom and that allows them to be controlled more easily. The party believes the proles are not considered human therefore. On side ring to be more animalistic rather than human-like. The party treats proles as they would treat animals, with freedom and without respect, the proles don’t realize what is happening around them because the party has control over their thoughts and if one shows any signs of intelligence, the party interferes. This makes the proles act like humans because humans obey what they are told to and makes the party members inhuman by the way they are treating this people just as animals and also playing with their mind making them think something that isn’t true.

-Valeria Vallejo


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