What are your opinions of The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism

I find it a bit confusing that this book, which explains the most inner purposes of the Party, was written by no other than O´Brien. This book could be seen as the manual for the perfect totalitarian regime. This explanation of what the party is doing is enlightening as to their ulterior motives. It is obvious throughout the book that the social classes remain unaltered, there being a high class, the middle class and the low. But in this case the high class has complete control over the last two, including their thoughts. This secures that they will remain in this position forever, with no risk of revolution from the classes below. But their motive for this is not money, but power. They seek total power over everything they can control. But what I cannot seem to grasp is why they only want power if they do not seek to gain any material good from this. Why gain power just for the sake of it? We search power to gain position. This for me is the maximum exponent of selfishness and narcissism. And then wars are fought once again to seize power, not only from the enemies but also from the citizens. By being in constant war, there is a constant shortage of resources for the masses, leaving them always at the mercy of the party. This explains that the party enforces a totalitarian regime of terror to their citizens just for the sake of it. This is the maximum exponent of cruelty I have ever seen.

-Elizabeth Gauggel


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