War is Peace, Liberty is slavery, and ignorance is strength. What do this phrases mean, it’s contradictions? Rationalize them

Throughout the book 1984 we find some phrases that are like propaganda for the party one of its most know phrase is “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery and Ignorance is Strength”.
When they say that war is peace they´re trying to make believe the people that by making war they are demonstrating patriotism and that in that way they´re willing to sacrifice and give more to the community than to themselves. They also believe that through constant war, Peace and war become one, because the citzens dont really know peace, therefore war become the same as peace. Then we have that freedom is slavery. In the party, the people were tricked into believing that by being free they were becoming enslaved to their own ideas and senses. This shows that we are completely free of making decisions, we need not to worry about them because they were already taken for us. That who is free, is a slave to its own decisions and the consequences these may bring. The last one is: ignorance is strength, because the more ignorant people were it was easier for the people in the party to control their minds and use them like puppets. Ignorance is an easy state of mind. We must not think, therefore we are stronger to do wat we are supposed, withou wasting time in overthinking everything.

These slogans are used by the party to make everyone believe that they are actually being taken care of.

-Roxana Lacayo


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