Part I Summary

our story begins with Winston Smith. He is an ordinary middle aged man living in London. But London is not the odinary city we know. The city is now located in one of th three countries in the world, Oceania. Posters with the mustachoed face of a man read: “Big Brother is watching you”. Winston lives under the totalitarian regime of INGSOC and the party. Everybody is the same, and they are being constantly watched by screens in every room called telescreens. These capture every movement and noise you make. Winston sits in a corner of his small apartment, the only place where the telescreen doesnt capture him. Here he begins to do something that implies death if he gets caught. He starts a diary. Although he doesnt know who the diary is directed to, he wants to express his ideas against the party freely here. He writes about O´Brien, a man from the Inner Party who works in the same building as him. Winston has the idea that O´Brien know his inner thoughts against the party and supports it, but there is no way to be sure. He also taks about a girl who works in the Fiction Department, a girl whom he despises, although he doesn´t really know why. He hates how she is everything the party wants her to be. Winston acknowledges the fact that one day he will be caught by the thought police, and that there is nothing he can do about it. He also dreams about his mother´s and sister´s death. This happened a long time ago, when he was still a child, but he still relives this tragic event in his dreams. Winston´s job at the Records Department of the Ministry of Truth requires him to rewrite the past in certain issues that the party considers that should be changed. History is constantly being changed to fulfill the expectations of the Party of what should have happened back then for its convenience. Winston also explains how he was once married to a girl who only loved the party. Everything she did was around the party, even her marriage to Winston. One day Winston was having lunch with Syme, his “friend”. Syme was going on and on about how newspeak was the only language that reduced its vocabulary each year, when Winston notced the dark haired girl from the Fiction Department staring at him. He was sure that she was part of the thought police and that she knew about his thoughts against the party. One day after work, Winston found himself walking through the streets of London without a destination. He ended up in the small shop, in one of the poor streets of the city, where he had bought the notebook and the pen he used for his diary. He went back in and found an old paper holder with a small piece of coral inside. He found it so beautiful, he bought it and put it in his pocket. As he was leaving the store, he saw that the dark haired girl was behind him. He thought of killing her but the idea passed and he once more thought of O´Brien. And so ends Part I. – Elizabeth Gauggel


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  1. orwell1627 · December 16, 2014

    My favorite book from my favorite writer… Excellent summary!

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