Is Winston’s and Julia’s sexual activity a political act? Why/why not?

Yes, because as Julia once said in the book she is corrupt to the bones. So besides the pleasure it gave to them they were also doing it to go against the party and break all the laws that were possible to them. It was kind of like a revolutionary act between them because it was a way of standing up to the party ideals and not to let them have control over them and prove them that they were being so happy without following the party rules and ideals. Maybe Julia’s plan was to start a revolution inside her because even though no one else knew, she did. In her insides she was already changing she starts feeling different for the party and to think differently and everything because she had experience something that she had never felt before. And this was exactly what the party wanted to stop because once the people start having feelings for someone else they will start to realize what’s important and they will start thinking in a different way.

– Roxana Lacayo


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