In what ways can you compare Big Brother to Hitler?

A totalitarian government is characterized by a state that holds total authority over a society and tries to control every public and private aspect of its citizens. Adolf Hitler and Big Brother both ruled by this concept, they controlled the citizens lives and they wanted to be the center of everyone. They created a society where there was no room for anyone else, just for the party. Fear, is another concept applied to Big Brother and Hitler’s Regime, they both used methods to imply fear into the people. Big Brother used telescreens and posters of ‘’ I am Watching You’’, or ‘’ Nothing to fear, nothing to hide’’ that created terror among the citizens, so they could follow praise their leaders and follow every rule. On the other hand Hitler caused consternation among Germany with the creation of concentration camps. They both created and ideal and perfect man who consisted of blond hair, blue eyes and being tall, even if they knew that not everyone was going to be that way and the majority were different. Another great comparison between this two heroes or villains for others was the use of propaganda. Throughout the book we could see how the face of big brother was everywhere. Adolf Hitler also used a lot of propaganda to get into the mind of the citizens, he could persuade people through his speeches and the way he expressed himself. Jews, formed an important role through Hitler´s regime. He was against Jews just as big brother was against intelligent people who thought by themselves. They wanted a society where people could behave and live according to their ideology and if you were against that, you were ‘’vaporized’’ or put into concentration camps. The book doesn’t differentiate very much from other real life regimes that we see around the world.

– Maria Vasquez


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