Discuss Winston as a heroic figure. What qualities does he possess that could define him as one?

A hero is someone who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. A brave person who defies the system just as Winston Smith from 1984 did. He stood up for his beliefs and that makes him a hero and he was willing to do anything for what he believed, a great example of this could be when he promised O’ Brian he was going to do anything for the brotherhood even if it meant hurting children. We shouldn’t forget that Winston is willing to risk his life in the process to defend his society. Another term used for a hero is rebelliousness, a trait that Winston seemed to possessed due to the way he behave, he escaped to meet Julia, he did forbidden things and did everything different that made him look outstanding from the others. He was one of those persons who took a moment to reflect to think about the society he lived in, he knew something was not right and wanted to do something about it and that’s what heroes do, they want to take action into doing the right thing. Winston seemed to be the type of person who was intellectual and thought out of the box and took a risk for his nation.
-Maria Vasquez


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