1984 is a presentation of Orwell’s definition of dystopia and was meant as a warning to those of the modern era. What specifically is Orwell warning us against, and how does he achieve this?

George Orwell is trying to warn us about how power and greed can turn off a persons’ humanity. For power, people are willing to do what is necessary to achieve it like trying to control other people thoughts and actions. He wants us to be aware of the totalitarian regimes so we could do something about it and fight for our freedom. Orwell wants us to think for ourselves and that we could grow as a person without letting people or a political regime intervene with our lives. We should be able to have a voice in society; he doesn’t want us to be a part of the oppression movements that still exist throughout the world. Thanks to 1984, Orwell is enriching our mentality with further knowledge. He deduced in other words that we belong to nobody and nobody belongs to us, and we shouldn’t let other people tell us what to do or not.  The book ended with Winston saying ‘’ I love big brother’’, because he was trying to make a point of how bad can something get if we let them control our mind.
– Maria Vasquez


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