Get in the mind-set of Winston Smith. Make a list of the strangest things you have seen since The Party came into power.

Things may have been normal for any person belonging to the party but
strange for me. The first thing I see at the beginning of the book is
that while doing my morning exercise I thinks of the relationship of
Oceania with Eurasia and Eastasia. I realize that the party History
tells that Oceania had been always enemies with Eurasia and in
alliance with Eastasia but that’s not true. Another strange thing i
thought since been in the party was the fact that Big Brother appear
in 1930 even though he was not ever heard since 1960. Also Winston
starts remembering the time were he caught the party lying in the
1960s. Some things might be strange and we don’t understand it but as
well as everyone said the book was a type of warning for us. A warning
to take action and to do something about it even though there are many
manipulations in the world that might damage us.

-Valeria Vallejo

During his final encounter with O’Brien, Winston argues that, if all else fails, the inherent nature of the individual, the “spirit of man”, is strong enough to undermine a society such as that created by The Party. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Is Winston’s belief applicable to the world we live in today? Can you cite examples in our own recent history that support or dismiss Winston’s belief in the resiliency and righteousness of the human spirit?

I most certainly agree with Winston. As long the human spirit is alive there is absolutely no regime that can stop us from being who we are. But the ultimate goal of the party is to eliminate this flame inside our souls. This is why they are successful in staying in power, because there are no martyrs to idolize. This belief is certainly applicable today. I think this principle is alive every single day when people around the world say no to abuses of all kinds. This belief is what has kept humanity in constant evolution. Without this spirit we would all be machine like bodies, as in 1984, that aim for nothing more than what they are supposed to be. This spirit is what makes us achieve greatness. Malala Yousafzai is the living example of this. Her beliefs alone have marked a complete generation. She stood up for her thoughts and defeated the bariors of oppression. So Winston is correct, no matter how harsh or extreme the regimes might be, as long as the human spirit remains intact, there is always a way to defeat them.

-Elizabeth Gauggel

“Within 200 yards of the apartment in which Orwell wrote 1984, there are now 32 security cameras.” In what ways has Orwell’s vision of a dystopian future come true? 

-Orwell’s vision of a dystopian has come true. The government spies on everyone, which at the end the famous phrase comes to be true: “… Freedom is slavery”
Till now in modern days we are still being spied on by the government. And because of the advance of technology it can help for good things or even for bad things. It can be like an advantage because we can communicate with people even if we are far away from them. We can share things with anyone that we want, and we can send whatever we want to. But it can also be a disadvantage for the population, because if the government has the power of watching and listening everything we do. We can now even be tracked with a GPS by our phones, and the advance of technology can really affect our lives even though we think it improves it or makes it better. So basically at the end we are still being slaves of our own nation, and we are blind to many facts that affect our freedom, which is the most important thing in our lives that needs to be respected.
-Anna Velasquez

How, according to O’Brien, does the The Party as an oligarchy differ from Nazism or Russian Communism? How does he define the role of the martyr, both in terms of The Party and the other totalitarian systems?

The Party is different from Nazism and Russian Communism because they don’t allow there to be saints no one is safe. In the other two societies, when you killed someone that person was seen as a martyrs. But the party first turns everyone into criminals to love the party by threatening them stawith their greatest fears.  Basically, they can’t be killed as martyrs because they have switched sides, from fighting the Party to supporting it.  Nazism and Russian Communism would kill this people in front of others so that they would lose their dignity but the Party is destroying all evidence that may lead to what really was going on by controlling the media. O’Brien explain to us the success the party had in not being martyr and their people is 100% loyal to them but when their minds change they kill them.

-Roxana Lacayo

1984 is a presentation of Orwell’s definition of dystopia and was meant as a warning to those of the modern era. What specifically is Orwell warning us against, and how does he achieve this?

George Orwell is trying to warn us about how power and greed can turn off a persons’ humanity. For power, people are willing to do what is necessary to achieve it like trying to control other people thoughts and actions. He wants us to be aware of the totalitarian regimes so we could do something about it and fight for our freedom. Orwell wants us to think for ourselves and that we could grow as a person without letting people or a political regime intervene with our lives. We should be able to have a voice in society; he doesn’t want us to be a part of the oppression movements that still exist throughout the world. Thanks to 1984, Orwell is enriching our mentality with further knowledge. He deduced in other words that we belong to nobody and nobody belongs to us, and we shouldn’t let other people tell us what to do or not.  The book ended with Winston saying ‘’ I love big brother’’, because he was trying to make a point of how bad can something get if we let them control our mind.
– Maria Vasquez

“ If there is hope it lies in the proles”

All the hope was deposited in the proles, because only there in those
swarming disregarded masses, 85% of the population of oceania , could
generate to destroy the party. Winston sees the power in the proles
even though the party sees them as weak and incapable to revolt. He
thinks this because his perspective is that the proles are the ones
who have been dehumanized the least,all the maltreatment they have
received. The party found ways to distract and ensure that they were
unaware of the evils of INGSOC. Winston sees this because he observes
their individuality by signing and it can mean they can go further
with individuality. Although it appears that the proles seem less
human to the Party members, it is Winston’s perspective that they are
the ones who have been dehumanized the least. The party seems to have
total control over their lives, but in reality the proles are the
group that has maintained the most freedom because they have kept some
of their own thoughts and desires, and this is the reason why there is
still hope deposited in the proles to become something better and
actually do something for their own benefit and for others.

– Valeria Vallejo

What are your opinions of The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism

I find it a bit confusing that this book, which explains the most inner purposes of the Party, was written by no other than O´Brien. This book could be seen as the manual for the perfect totalitarian regime. This explanation of what the party is doing is enlightening as to their ulterior motives. It is obvious throughout the book that the social classes remain unaltered, there being a high class, the middle class and the low. But in this case the high class has complete control over the last two, including their thoughts. This secures that they will remain in this position forever, with no risk of revolution from the classes below. But their motive for this is not money, but power. They seek total power over everything they can control. But what I cannot seem to grasp is why they only want power if they do not seek to gain any material good from this. Why gain power just for the sake of it? We search power to gain position. This for me is the maximum exponent of selfishness and narcissism. And then wars are fought once again to seize power, not only from the enemies but also from the citizens. By being in constant war, there is a constant shortage of resources for the masses, leaving them always at the mercy of the party. This explains that the party enforces a totalitarian regime of terror to their citizens just for the sake of it. This is the maximum exponent of cruelty I have ever seen.

-Elizabeth Gauggel

Is Winston’s and Julia’s sexual activity a political act? Why/why not?

Yes, because as Julia once said in the book she is corrupt to the bones. So besides the pleasure it gave to them they were also doing it to go against the party and break all the laws that were possible to them. It was kind of like a revolutionary act between them because it was a way of standing up to the party ideals and not to let them have control over them and prove them that they were being so happy without following the party rules and ideals. Maybe Julia’s plan was to start a revolution inside her because even though no one else knew, she did. In her insides she was already changing she starts feeling different for the party and to think differently and everything because she had experience something that she had never felt before. And this was exactly what the party wanted to stop because once the people start having feelings for someone else they will start to realize what’s important and they will start thinking in a different way.

– Roxana Lacayo

Discuss the ways in which the room above the shop represents the past for Winston.  

-Winston decides to rent this room because he wants a place to stay where he will be out from under the eyes of the Party.  He thinks the room over the shop will give him such a place.
He also feels nostalgic about the room.  It reminds him of better times, times before things got to be the way they are now.  He felt that it was the sort of room in which you could actually be alone with your thoughts.
So Winston takes the room because it reminds him of the past — of a time when a person could actually be alone.  This makes sense because what he is trying to do by rebelling is to go back to a time when people could think for themselves and be who they wanted to be.
– Anna Velasquez

Discuss Winston as a heroic figure. What qualities does he possess that could define him as one?

A hero is someone who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. A brave person who defies the system just as Winston Smith from 1984 did. He stood up for his beliefs and that makes him a hero and he was willing to do anything for what he believed, a great example of this could be when he promised O’ Brian he was going to do anything for the brotherhood even if it meant hurting children. We shouldn’t forget that Winston is willing to risk his life in the process to defend his society. Another term used for a hero is rebelliousness, a trait that Winston seemed to possessed due to the way he behave, he escaped to meet Julia, he did forbidden things and did everything different that made him look outstanding from the others. He was one of those persons who took a moment to reflect to think about the society he lived in, he knew something was not right and wanted to do something about it and that’s what heroes do, they want to take action into doing the right thing. Winston seemed to be the type of person who was intellectual and thought out of the box and took a risk for his nation.
-Maria Vasquez

What makes the proles human and the party members inhuman?

The proles in Orwell’s novel constitute the vast majority of the population and play a significant part of the past, present and the future. The word “proles” is a term derived from the word proletariat which is commonly used in Marxism. The party has little control of the poles seeing as they are free. If a rebellion were to happen, it would have to happen through the proles members because they have more freedom. An few examples would be the freedom to divorce and the freedom of religion. The proles have more freedom and that allows them to be controlled more easily. The party believes the proles are not considered human therefore. On side ring to be more animalistic rather than human-like. The party treats proles as they would treat animals, with freedom and without respect, the proles don’t realize what is happening around them because the party has control over their thoughts and if one shows any signs of intelligence, the party interferes. This makes the proles act like humans because humans obey what they are told to and makes the party members inhuman by the way they are treating this people just as animals and also playing with their mind making them think something that isn’t true.

-Valeria Vallejo

Part I Summary

our story begins with Winston Smith. He is an ordinary middle aged man living in London. But London is not the odinary city we know. The city is now located in one of th three countries in the world, Oceania. Posters with the mustachoed face of a man read: “Big Brother is watching you”. Winston lives under the totalitarian regime of INGSOC and the party. Everybody is the same, and they are being constantly watched by screens in every room called telescreens. These capture every movement and noise you make. Winston sits in a corner of his small apartment, the only place where the telescreen doesnt capture him. Here he begins to do something that implies death if he gets caught. He starts a diary. Although he doesnt know who the diary is directed to, he wants to express his ideas against the party freely here. He writes about O´Brien, a man from the Inner Party who works in the same building as him. Winston has the idea that O´Brien know his inner thoughts against the party and supports it, but there is no way to be sure. He also taks about a girl who works in the Fiction Department, a girl whom he despises, although he doesn´t really know why. He hates how she is everything the party wants her to be. Winston acknowledges the fact that one day he will be caught by the thought police, and that there is nothing he can do about it. He also dreams about his mother´s and sister´s death. This happened a long time ago, when he was still a child, but he still relives this tragic event in his dreams. Winston´s job at the Records Department of the Ministry of Truth requires him to rewrite the past in certain issues that the party considers that should be changed. History is constantly being changed to fulfill the expectations of the Party of what should have happened back then for its convenience. Winston also explains how he was once married to a girl who only loved the party. Everything she did was around the party, even her marriage to Winston. One day Winston was having lunch with Syme, his “friend”. Syme was going on and on about how newspeak was the only language that reduced its vocabulary each year, when Winston notced the dark haired girl from the Fiction Department staring at him. He was sure that she was part of the thought police and that she knew about his thoughts against the party. One day after work, Winston found himself walking through the streets of London without a destination. He ended up in the small shop, in one of the poor streets of the city, where he had bought the notebook and the pen he used for his diary. He went back in and found an old paper holder with a small piece of coral inside. He found it so beautiful, he bought it and put it in his pocket. As he was leaving the store, he saw that the dark haired girl was behind him. He thought of killing her but the idea passed and he once more thought of O´Brien. And so ends Part I. – Elizabeth Gauggel

What is Newspeak? Find a short article of around 200 words and translate it into Newspeak. Post both the original and the Newspeak version.

Newspeak is the official language of Oceania, designed to make the ideological premises of Ingsoc the only expressible doctrine. Newspeak is engineered to remove even the possibility of rebellious thoughts—the words by which such thoughts might be articulated have been eliminated from the language. Newspeak contains no negative terms. For example, the only way to express the meaning of “bad” is through the word “ungood.” Something extremely bad is called “doubleplus ungood.” It’s basically a language used by politicians and government officials that is intentionally difficult to understand or it does not mean what it seems to mean and it is therefore likely to confuse or deceive people.

South Korean fishing boat sinks, leaving at least one dead and 52 missing

Seven crew members were found safely, but weather and water conditions were complicating the search for the others, an official said on condition of anonymity.
SEOUL, South Korea – Rescuers were searching for 52 people who were missing Monday after a South Korean fishing boat sank in the Bering Sea, an official said. At least one person died.

Authorities rescued seven crew members and recovered one body, but weather and water conditions were complicating the search for the others, the official, from the South Korean fisheries and oceans ministry, said on condition of anonymity because of office rules.

The crew included 35 Indonesians, 13 Filipinos, 11 South Koreans and one Russian inspector.

The foreign ministry said it asked Russian officials to work quickly to rescue the other crew members.

Calls to the ship’s owner weren’t immediately returned.

South Korean boat didn’t sink. And did not leave 1 dead and 52 missing.

52 crew members were found safely, weather and water conditions did not complicated the search of all the crew, making it easier to find them.  The South Korean Rescuers didn’t make a lot of effort in searching and they were found shortly after the ship was out in the Bering Sea.

The crew was made up of 35 Indonesians, 13 Filipinos,11 South Koreans and 1 Russian Inspector. Who after some hours returned home safely to their families.
The calls to the ships owner were immediately returned and no problems were caused afterwards.

-Anna Velasquez

War is Peace, Liberty is slavery, and ignorance is strength. What do this phrases mean, it’s contradictions? Rationalize them

Throughout the book 1984 we find some phrases that are like propaganda for the party one of its most know phrase is “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery and Ignorance is Strength”.
When they say that war is peace they´re trying to make believe the people that by making war they are demonstrating patriotism and that in that way they´re willing to sacrifice and give more to the community than to themselves. They also believe that through constant war, Peace and war become one, because the citzens dont really know peace, therefore war become the same as peace. Then we have that freedom is slavery. In the party, the people were tricked into believing that by being free they were becoming enslaved to their own ideas and senses. This shows that we are completely free of making decisions, we need not to worry about them because they were already taken for us. That who is free, is a slave to its own decisions and the consequences these may bring. The last one is: ignorance is strength, because the more ignorant people were it was easier for the people in the party to control their minds and use them like puppets. Ignorance is an easy state of mind. We must not think, therefore we are stronger to do wat we are supposed, withou wasting time in overthinking everything.

These slogans are used by the party to make everyone believe that they are actually being taken care of.

-Roxana Lacayo

In what ways can you compare Big Brother to Hitler?

A totalitarian government is characterized by a state that holds total authority over a society and tries to control every public and private aspect of its citizens. Adolf Hitler and Big Brother both ruled by this concept, they controlled the citizens lives and they wanted to be the center of everyone. They created a society where there was no room for anyone else, just for the party. Fear, is another concept applied to Big Brother and Hitler’s Regime, they both used methods to imply fear into the people. Big Brother used telescreens and posters of ‘’ I am Watching You’’, or ‘’ Nothing to fear, nothing to hide’’ that created terror among the citizens, so they could follow praise their leaders and follow every rule. On the other hand Hitler caused consternation among Germany with the creation of concentration camps. They both created and ideal and perfect man who consisted of blond hair, blue eyes and being tall, even if they knew that not everyone was going to be that way and the majority were different. Another great comparison between this two heroes or villains for others was the use of propaganda. Throughout the book we could see how the face of big brother was everywhere. Adolf Hitler also used a lot of propaganda to get into the mind of the citizens, he could persuade people through his speeches and the way he expressed himself. Jews, formed an important role through Hitler´s regime. He was against Jews just as big brother was against intelligent people who thought by themselves. They wanted a society where people could behave and live according to their ideology and if you were against that, you were ‘’vaporized’’ or put into concentration camps. The book doesn’t differentiate very much from other real life regimes that we see around the world.

– Maria Vasquez